Friday, July 17 - We're Back!

July 17, 2020

We are excited to be reopening! Make sure to register for classes on Zenplanner and check your email for our reopening and class protocols. We will be easing you back into barbells and heavy lifting but you won't be seeing any dumbbell WOD's for a while!


Class Protocols:


- If you are feeling unwell, have come in contact with anyone who has COVID like symptoms, or are waiting on test results, please stay home until it is safe for you to return. 


- Classes are scheduled for 60 minutes. 45 minutes of work, 15 minutes to clean and head out before the next class arrives. 


- All classes are held in the main gym (new space is not being utilized until demand is there for extra class times).


- During the daytime, park in only spots labelled 9,10&11 out front. 


- Change rooms and showers are closed for the time being. 


- You must bring everything you need with you to each class, including a towel to help control sweat during workouts and your own chalk bag you will be given on your first visit.


- Masks must be worn into the building but can be removed when it's time to workout.


- Please enter through the front door and exit through the back door only. Socializing in the back outdoor area is allowed post class, as long as social distancing is maintained.


- Please do not arrive too early for class. If you are more than 5 minutes early, please wait in your car. 


- The front waiting area is available if you are a little early, but 6ft distancing must be maintained indoors at all times.


- Must use hand sanitizer upon entry of the building. 


- Please respect the coaches and follow any coaching directions at all times, including which workout square to go to.


- Washrooms are available for use. Lysol wipes are located in the washrooms to wipe down toilets after each use.


- Please do not walk on any of the taped out workout boxes except for the one you are given. There are large paths between the boxes to freely walk around the gym.


- For outdoor running workouts, please do not run through anyone elses box to get out the door. Do not run within 6-10ft of the nearest person. If you are a fast runner, please pass with caution.


- Please do not leave your workout square until you have cleaned up and are dismissed from class. Going outside, or lying on the floor outside of your square will require extra cleaning which we would like to try and keep to a minimum to keep classes flowing.


- Each workout space is supplied with it's own floor mop, disinfectant, paper towel and a garbage can. Please clean your entire workout area and all equipment you used.


- Refrain from high fives, fist bumps and closer than 6ft group photos after classes.


- Enjoy the group workout!





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