Thursday, October 10

October 9, 2019

Taking it a bit easier this Thursday to rest up for the Open workout on Friday! We will be watching the live announcement at 8pm at the gym if anyone wants to join, hope to see you all out Friday evening!


Weekend hours and the Open, PLEASE READ!


Thanksgiving is going to make it a little more difficult to get the Open workout completed, but we are going to offer as many times as we can to get the workout in! Please do your best and make it easier on myself and the coaches who volunteer their time, to get the workout done on Friday. Please note the workout must be completed by Monday, 8pm each week!


Thursday - the workout is released at 8pm. You are welcome to do it at 8:30pm after we watch the live announcement at the gym. This would ensure you get it done before leaving for the long weekend, and you don't have to stress over the WOD!


Friday - Every class will be running the Open workout. Open gym times are also available to do the workout and I will be around to judge if you are signed up online. (you only need a judge if you're registered online) Friday evening we will run many heats starting at 4:30pm. Please sign up on Zenplanner for the approximate time you will be in Friday so I can schedule heats and judges accordingly. Chiropractor Ben will offering his service to members pre/post workout on Friday evening as well!


Saturday - 9am class will run a regular program, so no open WOD during this time. Open gym is from 10-11:30am and this also will be an ideal time to get the workout in with lots of judges around! 


Sunday - Regular class times will run regular programming, but depending on what the workout will be, you may be able to do the workout off to the side if you don't need to be judged, but don't count on completing it Sunday. 


Monday - There will be a regular CrossFit class at 11am. Amber and myself will open up some evening time on Monday that will be posted on Zenplanner. Not sure exactly times yet because we will be coming back from family Thanksgiving. It will be in the evening for a couple of hours that will be open time for anyone to come in and get the workout done before the Monday, 8pm deadline. 


Save the Date:

Thursday, October 10 - 8pm live open announcement

Sunday, October 20 - Intermediate Strongnastics 11am

Saturday, December 14 - Christmas Party in-house throwdown!
Saturday, February 22 - 1827 Masters Throwdown




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