April Member of the Month - Jannelle Morrison

May 8, 2019

Congratulations to the April Member of the Month: Jannelle Morrison! Jannelle joined us in late January after moving to town from Edmonton to pursue her masters at the U of G. With a few years of CrossFit experience back home, she was able to jump into classes and the community right away, hardly evening missing a day since she joined!


Jannelle is always out to 1827 social events and down to travel anywhere to cheer on members at competition. Jannelles consistency and dedication to class have earned her a lot of progress in the past few months, crushing pull ups, snatches and Rx-ing the Open! She made the committed club her first full month at the gym and has been the top CrossFit class attendee for March and April, attending 26 classes in April!


Huge thank you to Popeyes Supplements Guelph for the prize pack for Jannelle, and Greg at Beech Hill Freight for the clothing sponsorship. If you have any supplement questions or want the best prices and selection in town, make sure to check out Popeyes on Stone Rd across from the mall! 


How did you get into CrossFit:

It was something in Edmonton I had always wanted to try and there was a deal on the kickstarter classes so I went for it! This was almost 3 years ago now!


Favourite Class Time to attend: 

9am or Noon!


Favourite Movement(s): 

Cleans, Snatches and Squats!

Least Favourite Movement(s): 

Burpees and Running


Favourite Cheat Meal/Food: 

Fettuccine Alfredo




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