December Squat Challenge

November 29, 2018

Staying motivated and committed to exercise and healthy eating during the Holiday Season can be extra tough if you already find it a challenge to get to the gym on a regular basis. It can take longer to get to the gym due to the weather, you're behind on shopping and "need" to get that done, the mornings are darker, colder and harder to drag yourself to the gym. You may overeat, watch more movies and eat more snacks and drinks than usual, but sticking with the gym can help!


All we need is 3 hours of your time each week. 3-60minute classes a week can make you stronger, leaner, fitter or even just maintain over the month of December, getting you a head start into the new year. If you are thinking about starting January 1st, don't wait, start your fitness habit today! If you are already a member, prioritize to make it in over the month of December!


To help keep you motivated and thinking about the gym we are challenging you to 30 air squats a day for every day in December. If you are able to complete this challenge without missing a day, it will earn you a CrossFit 1827 shirt! Sign up at the gym and take a video of yourself at least once a week doing the squats outside of the gym and post it to our Facebook members group.




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