October 20, 2018

Gymnastic movements are a ton of fun, or they could be your biggest weakness, but either way you can't avoid them; and, if you are doing CrossFit movements on the bars such as pull ups, toes to bar and muscle ups you will most likely tear your hands at some point. There are a few things you can do to help prevent this from happening though! Below we cover prevention, hand protection during workouts, and what to do if you do tear in a workout. 


Prevention - Daily or weekly hand maintenance may involve a nice manicure every once and a while (our next social event?)(Dan wrote this BTW), but its also a good idea to do some maintenance of your own. Shaving calluses down will help prevent the build up of skin that often causes tears. After shaving, moisturize your hands once or twice a day to help keep the skin soft and build up tough calluses. A callus shaver is under $10, I recommend picking up the one linked below at Shoppers Drug Mart:


Hand Protection - Gymnastics grips work! They take a while to get used to, but once you put in the time, they will save your hands from most tears (but not all). You may be able to make it through an average WOD, but if something like Murph or Angie comes up, the video below is a quick (under 2min) instructional video on how to make tape hand protection.


What if you tear - Don't be a hero! Scale the movement once you tear. Unless you are in a competition and can't modify movements, no one wants your blood on the equipment. Please scale pull ups to ring rows, scale toes to bar to dragon flags. Wash your hands thoroughly (even if it hurts), while we do lysol the equipment, this does not happen between every class. Trim away excess skin. Keep the area covered and put Polysporin on the open wound for the next couple of days. Working out is still encouraged, just use some athletic tape to cover up your sensitive new skin!




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