Fitness VS Performance WODs

October 15, 2018

At CrossFit 1827 we publish 2 workouts a day; the 'fitness' and 'performance' WOD (workout of the day). Offering 2 workouts is not only there to provide a less intense workout if you are feeling sore or under the weather, but it also provides a chance to work on difficult movements during a WOD without the pressure of a clock. 


Performance WOD - This version of the workout is the same as any regular WOD, aimed to complete at a high intensity, while maintaining good form.


Fitness WOD - This version of the workout is usually programmed as an EMOM (every minute on the minute). An EMOM is intended to complete 20-40 seconds of work and rest the remainder of the minute before going onto the next movement. This would allow you to complete the same movements as the regular WOD but with prescribed rest time. This extra time to complete the movement will allow you to keep your heart rate down, move slower than with the pressure and ego of the regular WOD and allow for a chance to work on technique. 


For example, in a WOD there is 4 rounds of 20 pull ups programmed. To maintain intensity without the skill or strength to do 20 pull ups you might scale to 20 jumping pull ups or 20 ring rows. In the fitness version we would program 10 pull ups each round this would give you 45 seconds to practice and complete 10 pull ups. With less reps and more time, you can use more time intensive scaling options such as strict pull ups, banded pull ups or negatives. 


If you are feeling a little too sore to come in, or are a little intimidated by the workout of the day, remember there is always the fitness WOD option, and ask your coach to provide an appropriate scaling option for you!




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