September Member of the Month - Carly Burt!

October 9, 2018

Congratulations to the September Member of the Month: Carly Burt! If you are in the gym in the evenings you will definitely run into Carly either doing the class or being the most diligent pre-hab/re-habber out there. If you are not careful, she will do all of her physio exercises and start on yours too!


This past month Carly achieved her first ring muscle up which she has been working on daily since they came up in the Open this year. Because of her dedication and consistency, she is well deserving of Member of the Month. 


You may also not know this, but Carly designed our website and creates all of the posters and advertisements you see around the gym or on social media. With her commitment to everything CrossFit and her experience and interest in CrossFit 1827, you will see Carly beginning to train as a coach!


Big thanks to Popeyes Guelph for the prize pack for Carly. If you have any questions or need supplements, make sure to check them out on Stone Rd first!


How did you get started into CrossFit:

Coming out of years of competitive boxing (and soccer), I was looking for something that I would motivate, drive and instill passion in me again. My good pal Ellen brought me to my first CrossFit class almost 2 years ago now, and I haven’t looked back. I ended up finding more than what I was looking for; Danber’s 1827 and the people here are the best thing to ever come my way.


Favourite Class Time to attend:

Find me there sometime in the evening (usually 5:30-7:30); mornings are not my thing, unless forced or coerced.


Favourite Movement(s):

Double Unders. Pull Ups. HSPUs. SQUATZZ.


Least Favourite Movement:

Snatches, because uh.

Thrusters, because WHY.


Favourite Cheat Meal/Food:

I never use, and don’t like, the word “cheat” (chat with me about it). We all need to live – and because, food. But I like myself a good burrito and freshly baked cookie; and I probably eat them 2-3 times a week (judgement can be thrown in the trash garbage). 











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