Post Open - Get Strong!

March 25, 2018

Post Open Strength Building Cycle


Alright, now that we’re done crushing our bodies for 5 weeks, let's get back on a schedule and start getting stronger and working on those weaknesses.


More time each day will now be spent on strength and skill work, with metcons typically running 12 minutes or less (with the occasional longer crushing workout as a test). There will be an optional weekend long distance run or row that can be completed any time saturday or sunday for those that would like to work on their moderate intensity cardio or might be training for an upcoming race.


We’ll jump right into a hypertrophy week … I think most people have a relatively recent max to work from set in the last cycle, but if not you can use this week to set maxes. Front squats AND back squats will be worked into this cycle, the days will be as such:


Monday: Press (push press or bench press can be done, but stick with the same for the cycle)

Tuesday: Front Squat (If someone really wants to work on OH squats that can be allowable too)

Wednesday: O-lift - alternating clean and jerk and snatch (opposite of lifting club for the week)

Thursday: Deadlift (can be sumo)

Friday: Back squat


Skills will be worked in alongside the strength portion

Monday - Pullups/C2B/Bar MU

Tuesday - Pistols/Double Unders

Wednesday- Toes to bar/ toes to rings

Thursday - HSPUs/Rope Climbs

Friday - Ring Dips/Ring MUs/Ring holds/Ring negatives






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