Tuesday, September 5 - Testing heavy lifts this week, please read!

September 4, 2017

Hey everyone,

In preparation for our strength cycle that starts Sept. 11th, we'll be testing maxes this week. These 1 rep max lifts are intended to just be something to work percentages off of, so if you're feeling good, sure go for a PR, but as long as you have something that's good form and reasonably heavy to work from that's what we're going for.


I also want you to think about what your lifting goals are. You'll have the option to back squat or front squat on squat days, and either overhead press, bench press, or push press on press days. If you want to improve your power lifts... then opt for back squat and bench press... if you want to improve your olympic lifts then maybe front squat and either overhead press or push press. It can be customizable to your goals.


It will be an 8 week cycle, with maxes re-tested on the 9th week. Since we're not prepping for any sort of competition there won't be any taper/deload week before the 8th week and the program will pendulum between hypertrophy, strength, and power focused weeks.


Press will be Mondays, squat Tuesdays, and deadlift Thursdays, with the opportunity to catch up on missed lifts Wednesday and Fridays (there will be accessory and olympic lifts programmed on Wednesdays and Fridays for those of you who have made all three days).


If you have any questions let us know!

Happy Lifting!




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