Where high intensity meets technique, quality of movement, integrity and intelligence. 


Located in the south end of Guelph, 1827 S& C gets it’s name from the year John Galt cut down a tree on the Speed River, drank some whiskey and declared Guelph a city. Like the city itself, 1827 S & C focuses on a strong community, changing lives and challenging you to better yourself, in every respect.


Our professional coaching staff each have over 7 years of training, coaching, and competing experience. Every one of our coaches comes with their own diverse education and training background to offer you an unparalleled training experience in Guelph. 


Our aim is to create the best fitness and training facility in the area, not only encouraging physical fitness and health, but building a community that inspires one another. Whether you are new to working out, or an experienced veteran, we aspire to improve your life: inside and out of the gym. We think we’re just what you’re looking for.


Our workouts are scalable to anyone of any ability, whether 18 years old or 88. You do not have to be in shape to join. With each class expertly programmed and coached, all you need to do is show up!

We are built on a non-ego community clear of bad attitudes. Come in, meet our coaches and witness how welcoming the people and atmosphere at 1827 Strength & Conditioning are!



The community that spontaneously arises when people workout together is a key component in our gym. By building and fostering this community, members remain accountable to coming back day after day.

Members find that missing workouts can be equivalent to missing a baseball or hockey game or personal event. You will look forward to coming to the gym as the highlight of your day.

We not only offer a strong community during class workouts, but also create a fun post workout community through social events and BBQ's.

To improve strength and conditioning, you need to challenge your body. To improve confidence and belief, you need to challenge your mindset.

Our well researched programming and constantly varied workouts will push you beyond preconceived limits. We’re confident that you will be challenged to overcome physical and mental barriers.

Through education on movement, nutrition and health, we give you the tools and provide you with the outlet to challenge yourself, daily.

We see change as differing from your norm. To transform. To overcome. To develop. To grow.

Our focus is on you and what you’re seeking to accomplish. Through our community of members, coaches and every day challenges, growth in yourself will be inevitable.

What are your goals? Contact us today and we’ll plan how you can reach them.



449 LAIRD RD. UNIT #10
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